Named Space Opportunities

You can help us increase access, accelerate research, improve education and inspire imaginations by purchasing a named space in the newly renovated Alkek Library. Contact Ramona Kelly for pricing and donation options.

First Floor - New & Emerging Technology

Map of first floor with colored spaces that correspond to numbered descriptions

Space #1 The Alkek Print Shop 

A new service point on the library's first floor that will offer specialty print services for students, faculty and staff on the San Marcos campus

Space #2 MakerSpace A

The messy side of making that will enable users to use manufacturing tools to innovate, ideate and create

Space #3 MakerSpace B

The cleaner side of making will have lower tech resources like sewing machines and smart manufacturing tools

Space #4 GeoSpace

A new geospatial lab that will enable research and storytelling through GIS and data

Space #5 DesignSpace

Specialized workstations for creating all types of 2D and 3D designs

Space #6 Lobby

A new first floor entrance and lobby leading to Alkek One

Space #7 Immersion Studio

A specialized studio space that offers experiences in augmented, mixed and virtual realities

Space #8 YouStar Studios

Two video recording studios, two audio recording studios and a production studio make self-service recording and producing available to all


Third Floor - Academic Research

Floorplan of 3rd floor with highlighted spaces that correspond to numbered descriptions

#9 Graduate Commons

The only place on campus just for graduate students to collaborate, study, present or attend workshops.

#10 Open Study

Comfortable furnishing, power and charging tables near the checkout desk, special collections and scanning stations make this an attractive place to work

#11 Conference Room A


#12 COMM Lab


#13 Maps/Charts Collection

A popular resource area


Fourth Floor - Istruction & Education

Floorplan of 4th floor with highlighted spaces that correspond to numbered descriptions

#14 Conference Halls

A high-traffic, flexible conference space that hosts a variety of events for library and other campus departments

#15 Library Instruction Room

Librarians teach information literacy and research skills in this heavily used space that serves as an open computer lab when classes are not in session

#16 Instruction Room

Available to a variety of Alkek-based departments, this space is used for different types of instruction where computer work stations are needed, serves as an open computer lab when classes are not in session