Submission Types

The University Scholarship repository showcases the research and scholarship of our university. Works include, but are not limited to, articles, presentations, posters, reports, reviews, book chapters, podcasts, music, artwork, interviews, and more. 

Use the Quick Submit Form or Self-Submit option to add your works. More information, including first-time user guide and submission instructions, is available on the Add Your Work page. Questions? Need info on copyright, licensing, making this easy? Contact us:


All audio and video content must have captions or an associated transcript to facilitate accessibility. For assistance with your submission or to request content in University Scholarship in a different format, please contact us: 

File Formats

The University Scholarship repository accepts work in any digital format. Standard formats include: PDF, Word, PowerPoint, JPEG, AIFF, WAV, AVI, CSV

To ensure long-term preservation and access to digital resources, we encourage certain relatively stable formats. These formats exhibit all of many of the following characteristics: open documentation, support across a range of software platforms, wide adoption, no compression (or lossless compression), no embedded files or embedded programs/scripts, and non-proprietary format. The tables below list recommended file formats: 

Textual Formats File Extensions
Acrobat PDF/A .pdf
Comma-Separated Values .csv
Open Office Formats .odt, .ods, .odp
Plain Text (US-ASCII, UTF-8) .txt
XML .xml


Image/Graphic Formats File Extensions
JPEG .jpg
JPEG2000 .jp2
PNG .png
SVG 1.1 (no java binding)       .svg
TIFF .tif, .tiff


Audio Formats File Extensions
AIFF                                      .aif, .aiff
WAVE .wav


Video Formats File Extensions
AVI (uncompressed)               .avi
Motion JPEG2000 .mj2, .mjp2
QuickTime* .mov
Matroska .mkv
*Recommended because of wide adoption

Research Datasets

Texas State Research Data is an online repository on the Dataverse platform for researchers to share, manage, and publish their datasets and data products. It is configured to accept any type and subject of research data. These include spreadsheets, sensor and instrument data, surveys, imagery, audio, video, etc. Formats such as journal articles, reports, and conference papers resulting from research should be submitted to University Scholarship. We can link your research data to publications across the two repositories. Contact us with the data link and publication link and we'll be happy to set that up:  

Non-Digitized Items

Digital & Web Services staff can work with you to digitize print materials. Simply contact us to get started and work out a digitization schedule: