MakerSpace Rules of Operation and Safety Regulations

Rules and Safety

The following guidelines will enable you to have a great experience while using the MakerSpace in Alkek One. 

Rules of Operation

  • Patrons must attend specific trainings prior to using the MakerSpace and any equipment therein. 
  • Patrons must check out equipment from MakerSpace Staff prior to use. 
  • Patrons must surrender TXSTATE ID to MakerSpace Staff to check out equipment. 
  • Patrons may only check out one piece of equipment at one time. 
  • Patrons can only use hand tools within the MakerSpace. 
  • Patrons must pay for consumable materials prior to leaving the MakerSpace. 
  • Patrons cannot create any weapons, parts of weapons, or weapon-like items. 
  • Patrons cannot create any items for malicious intent. 
  • Patrons cannot use MakerSpace equipment to manufacture or mass produce items for resale. 
  • Patrons must abide by all University Libraries and Texas State University Policies as well as local, state, and federal laws where applicable. 

Safety Regulations

  • ALWAYS ask for assistance when needed. 
  • Closed toed shoes are REQUIRED at all times. 
  • Safety glasses are REQUIRED in 102A around designated equipment. 
  • NEVER leave a piece of equipment unattended while in use. 
  • ALWAYS power down equipment after use. 
  • REMOVE all jewelry, SECURE loose-fitting clothing, and TIE BACK long hair while using equipment. 
  • NO open food or drink allowed. 
  • REPORT any broken or misplaced equipment and tools to MakerSpace Staff. 
  • IMMEDIATELY REPORT any accidents or injuries to MakerSpace Staff or Library Staff. Call 911 if needed.