Staff Directory

Administrative Offices Contact Phone
Vice Provost and University Librarian Kelly Visnak 512.408.0576
Associate University Librarian, Administration and Organizational Development Somaly Kim Wu 512.408.4068
Associate University Librarian, Digital Scholarship and Research Laura Waugh 512.408.2351
Director, Systems and Technology Strategies Andrew Rechnitz 512.408.4006
Assistant Director, Technology Operations Support Matthew Greengold 512.408.2574
Director, Teaching and Learning Jess Williams 512.408.1812
Head, Scholarly Resources Stephanie Towery 512.408.3564
Assistant Director, Community Partnerships Sylvia Gonzales 512.408.3573
Head Administrative Librarian, Round Rock Campus Library Anthony Guardado 512.408.0162

Administration and Organizational Development

Flores, Paul Maintenance Coordinator 512.245.3862 ALK 303 Administrative Services
Green, Alexandria Assessment Librarian 512.408.0498 ALK 350B Administrative Services
Hernandez, Priscilla Procurement Specialist 512.408.2946 ALK 213 Administrative Services
Kenessey, Anastasia Administrative Assistant 512.408.4620 ALK 204 Administrative Services
Pavuluri, Hemanth Web and UX Designer 512.245.2178 ALK 213 Administrative Services
Pitts, Deborah Marketing and Promotions Coordinator 512.408.0914 ALK 215 Marketing and Communications
Salinas, Crystal Business Manager 512.408.4086 ALK 213 Administrative Services
Schuler, Venus Academic Budget Specialist 512.408.0173 ALK 204 Administrative Services
Sorenson, Ethne Training and Development Specialist 512.408.0497 ALK 214 Administrative Services

Community Partnerships

Gonzales, Sylvia Assistant Director, Community Partnerships 512.408.3573 ALK 350K Community Partnerships
Gooch, Ashlynne Events Assistant 512.245.2133 ALK 350M Community Partnerships

Digital Scholarship and Research

Waugh, Laura AUL Digital Scholarship and Research 512.408.2351 ALK 350A Digital Scholarship and Research
Vacant Assistant Director, Research Data Services Research Data Services
Vacant Head, Special Collections and Archives Special Collections and Archives
Alderete-Cruz, Gab Digital Initiatives Librarian 512.245.3885 ALK 218 Research Data Services
Crouch, Jason Special Collections and Archives Librarian 512.245.1431 ALK 218 Special Collections and Archives
Chamblee-Smith, Genevia Hidden Collections Curator TBD ALK 350F Special Collections and Archives
Goldey, Rose Digital Archivist TBD ALK 218 Digitization and Preservation
Gutierrez, Robert Oral Histories and Archives Specialist 512.245.3886 ALK 580 Digitization and Preservation
Martin, April Digital Media Specialist TBD ALK 218 Digitization and Preservation
Van Diest, Kristin Digital Publishing Librarian 512.408.1239 ALK 350G Research Data Services
Willoughby, Meghan Archives Processing TBDARC Special Collections and Archives
Willis, Shannon Head Digitization Preservation TBD ALK 220 Digitization and Preservation
Zhou, Xuan Data Curation Specialist ALK 350C Research Data Services

Round Rock Campus Library

Name Title E-Mail Phone Office Department/Unit
Guardado, Anthony Head Administrative Librarian, Round Rock Campus 512.716.4701 Avery 263 Round Rock Campus Library
Matthews, Alan Library Assistant 512.408.4449 Avery 255B Round Rock Campus Library
Thompson, Wendy Evening Librarian 512.408.4154 Avery 264 Round Rock Campus Library

Scholarly Resources

Towery, Stephanie Head, Scholarly Resources 512.408.3564 ALK 218 Scholarly Resources
Aycock, Mary Database and Metadata Management Services Librarian 512.408.4357 ALK 218 Metadata Services
Blank, Steven Archives and Research Center Assistant 512.408.3373 ARC A110 Archives and Research Center
Cowen, Karen Electronic Resources Assistant 512.408.1987 ALK 218 Collections Strategies
Eoff, Amy Database and Metadata Management Services Assistant 512.408.0147 ALK 218 Metadata Services
Ferrer, Brenda Continuing Resources Cataloging Assistant 512.408.4023 ALK 218 Collections Strategies
Gaddis, Colleen Ordering and Receiving Assistant 512.408.4069 ALK 218 Metadata Services
Jones, Carolyn Head Continuing Resources Acquisitions Asstistant 512.408.0632 ALK 218 Collections Strategies
Kocian, Rose Head, Media and Monographic Resources Assistant 512.408.3166 ALK 5.101.1 Collections Strategies
Larrison, Stephanie Electronic Resources Librarian 512.408.3461 ALK 218 Collections Strategies
Mosbe, Sophia Research Engagement Librarian ALK 350E Open Access Initiatives
Pinto, Alfredo Assistant Director, Collections Strategies ALK 213A Collections Strategies
Sappington, Cathy Archives and Research Center Assistant 512.408.4084 ARC A110 Archives and Research Center
Salazar, Arlene Collections Librarian 512.408.0281 ALK 218 Collections Strategies
Scott, Amanda Resource Sharing Librarian 512.408.3996 ARC Interlibrary Loan
Smith, Tara Open Licenses Librarian 512.408.3732 ALK 218 Open Access Initiatives
Torres-Blank, Sheila Music Cataloger Librarian 512.408.4509 ALK 218 Metadata Services
Vaverek, Margaret Service Engagement Librarian 512.408.9893 ALK 218 Open Access Initiatives
Williams, Michelle Head Interlibrary Loan Assistant 512.408.2764 ALK 218 Interlibrary Loan

Systems and Technology Strategies

Rechnitz, Andrew Director, Systems and Technology Strategies 512.408.4006 ALK 114 Technology Engagement
Birdsong, Devon Head Checkout Assistant 512.408.0802 ALK 218 Access Services
Brock, Noah MakerSpace Coordinator 512.408.4847 ALK 102C Technology Engagement
Cates, William MakerSpace, Night Manager 512.245.4847 ALK 102 Technology Engagement
Cerillo, Amanda Microcomputer Lab Coordinator 512.408.4004 ALK218 Technology Operations Support
Christensen, Scott Microcomputer Lab Coordinator 512.408.3388 ALK 218 Technology Operations Support
Davis, Hithia Print Shop Manager 512.408.1362 ALK 103A Technology Engagement
DeLaRosa, Julian Programmer Analyst 512.245.2133 ALK 117 Technology Engagement
Garcia, Vanessa Reserves and Interlibrary Loan Specialist 512.245.1602 ALK 209 Interlibrary Loan
Greengold, Matthew Assistant Director, Technology Operations Support 512.408.2574 ALK 211 Technology Operations Support
Guevara, Frank Stacks Assistant 512.408.1206 ALK 218 Access Services
Midkiff, Anna Service Desk Night Manager 512.408.0149 ALK 209 Access Services
Miller, Harley Digital Design Specialist 512.408.1359 ALK 129 Technology Engagement
Nguyen, Khoi Immersion Studio Supervisor 512-245-7122 ALK 106B Technology Engagement
Neal, Cody Programmer Analyst ALK 118 Technology Operations Systems
Rentz, Paivi Lead Systems Administrator 512.408.4423 ALK 209A Technology Operations Support
Saleme, Carmen Library Systems Administrator 512.408.5683 ALK 218 Technology Operations Support
Wright, Kira L. You Star Studios Supervisor 512.408.2071 ALK 109B Technology Engagement
Vacant Access Services Manager Access Services

Teaching and Learning

Williams, Jess Director, Teaching and Learning 512.408.1812 ALK 301D Teaching and Learning
Antes, Isabelle Open Educational Resources Librarian 512.408.6421 ALK 301B Teaching and Learning
Boucher, Tricia Open Pedagogy Librarian 512.408.4415 ALK 301C Teaching and Learning
Donna Dean Research Coach Coordinator 512.408.4107 ALK 301H Teaching and Learning
Dorrell, Erin Undergraduate Research Librarian 512.408.5706 ALK 301E Teaching and Learning
Glover, Taylor First Year Experience Librarian 512.408.5122 ALK 301F Teaching and Learning
Martin, Karina Student Success Librarian ALK 301F Teaching and Learning
Punjabi, Henna Instructional Design Specialist 512.408.6349 ALK 301B Teaching and Learning