First Year Research Program for ENG 1320

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What is First Year Research?

The First Year Research (FYR) Program is a hybrid information literacy instruction model. FYR replaces the traditional one-shot library instruction class most English 1320 instructors are familiar with. Instead of limiting faculty and students to in-person instruction on research fundamentals, FYR lets users access and apply research coaching on demand. 

Part 1: Canvas Course

Faculty, specifically ENG 1320, can incorporate an asynchronous Canvas course approximately 45 minutes in length. The course introduces writing, information literacy, and core research skills. (Log into Canvas before clicking the button)

Part 2: Research Workshop

Instructors can opt to include Research Workshop participation. Workshops are scheduled throughout the semester giving students access to research coaching when THEY need it. Students can drop in and work on their research with immediate access to a librarian.