First Year Research Program for ENG 1320

First Year Research Program

The University Libraries commit to supporting the objectives of the English Department’s First-Year English curriculum and to creating an inclusive community of information literacy instructors and learners. The three objectives of the First-Year Research (FYR) Program are: 

  1. To support the scholarly research, writing, and academic success of undergraduates enrolled in First Year English 

  1. To support the teaching and success of First-Year English instructors and defined learning outcomes

  1. To empower students with enduring information literacy skills and, in turn, to succeed as lifelong learners

First-Year Research Program Delivery Model: Foundations Canvas Course + Research Workshops 

The FYR Program includes two components: The FYR Foundations Canvas Course and the FYR Workshops. We strongly encourage students to complete the online Canvas course BEFORE to attending a Research Workshop. After completing the course, the student will be provided a downloadable certificate of completion in PDF format.  

How it Works 

  1. Instructors import the First Year Research Foundations Assignment from the Canvas Commons into each of their English 1320 Canvas Courses. Instructors chose evaluation metric (points given according to score or completion) for the assignment in their gradebook. The assignment contains all instructors needed for students to complete the First Year Research Foundations Course. Follow these step-by-step instructions when importing First Year Research Assignments into Canvas courses.

  1. Students follow instructions in the Assignment, self-enroll in the Course, and receive a PDF Certificate of Completion. Returning to the Assignment in their English 1320 Course, they upload the PDF as evidence of their work.  

  1. Instructors may recommend that students attend a First Year Research Workshop. Library staff is offering these support opportunities at various times and locations throughout the semester. While the workshops are of great benefit, the Foundations course can be a stand-alone assignment. These synchronous sessions will be a time for students to receive research coaching and help with their ENG 1320 assignments. If students haven’t completed the Canvas course, they will have time to do so during the workshop. Students may sign up for a workshop here: Proof of attendance will be provided to students. Instructors may import a second Canvas assignment by following these step-by-step instructions.

Completion of the First Year Research Foundations Course will take students approximately 45 minutes. Instructors may choose to have their students complete the course during class time. It is recommended that the due date for the assignment be in the early stages of the research unit—immediately after the research project has been introduced and students are deciding on topics.  

Learning Outcomes for General Education Courses in Writing  
(THECB Competency: Critical Thinking)

Critical Thinking Competency 

Students will demonstrate creative thinking, innovation, inquiry, and analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of information.

Information Literacy Learning Outcomes 

  1. Students construct and execute effectively designed research strategies.    

  1. Students locate a broad range of sources.    

  1. Students use a variety of appropriate research tools, available locally and globally through the library and free Internet sites.    

  1. Students identify and select credible and appropriate sources, based on the information need, by applying evaluation criteria.    

  1. Students distinguish among publication types, such as peer-reviewed articles/books from popular and trade publications, primary from secondary sources.   

Source: Information Literacy Outcomes, ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education,  

Source: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, 


For More Information, contact Undergraduate Outreach & Instruction Librarian, Lisa Cruces, or Head of Information & Undergraduate Services, Jess Williams

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