Activities Requiring Authorization

    • Posting signs, distributing literature, gathering signatures, soliciting contributions, tabling or conducting surveys inside the building are not permitted by organizations other than the library.
    • All posters must be approved by Circulation/Reserve or Library Administration staff.
    • Posters may be hung in two locations:  bulletin board by 2nd floor elevators and bulletin board in public lounge.
  • Taking pictures and videos from personal cell phones to post on social media channels is permitted as long as it does not become a distraction or disruption to library patrons.

    Other filming and videoing in the general library requires prior authorization. All requests for commercial non-news photography, film making, or video recording should adhere to the requirements of the Texas State University Commercial Filming Policy.

    • Filming by news media crews in the library or in the breezeway outside the library should be reported to the Library Marketing and Promotions Coordinator or the Associate Vice President’s office as soon as possible.
    • Students filming library spaces for a class project, other than spaces designated for video projects (e.g., YouStar Studio), must request permission from one of the following:
      • Director of Research & Learning Services (room 213, 512.245.3895)
      • Associate Vice President for University Libraries office (room 204, 512.245.2133).
    • Individuals featured in photographs or interviews must have given written permission through the University’s official Photo/Video Release form.
    • Photographing or filming from The Wittliff Collections on the seventh floor of the Alkek Library is subject to the guidelines on The Wittliff webpage.