Computer Use Policy

This policy covers all open-use computers and laptops on all floors of the library.

  • All computer users must comply with university, state, and federal policies and laws, listed or not, related to use of these computers, use of the Internet, copyright, downloading materials, sexual harassment, and child pornography.
    • These regulations apply to patrons using personal laptops inside the library as well as library-owned laptops checked out and taken to another location.
  • Texas State University students, faculty and staff are the Library’s primary customers; their academic research needs always take priority over non-university users.
  • Students using computers for course-related research have priority at all times.
  • Within the library, each service area may provide specialized hardware and/or software applications and varying levels of computer support and service.
  • Procedures for accessing library computers vary by service area. Time limits may be imposed by a service area during peak-use hours and at other times as needed to improve availability to waiting patrons. 
  • In the interest of facilitating academic research, Internet filtering software is NOT installed on Library computers. 
  • Parents or guardians are responsible for their children’s use of all library resources and materials, including the Internet.
  • Library computers do not have privacy screens. However, patrons concerned with privacy can check out a laptop at the Circulation Desk and move to a more private area such as a study room (located on floors 5-7) or study carrel.
  • The Library curtails wasteful or excessive printing. Library staff on duty has the discretion to determine when a print job is excessive.
  • Library staff on duty or the Library Guard may enforce this policy as needed.

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