Food, Drink and Tobacco

Food and drink is permitted in the libraries; however, we ask for patron assistance in maintaining a clean and pest-free environment to aid in the preservation of the library‚Äôs collection and study spaces.  We encourage users to report spills to a service desk so that appropriate action can be taken.


  • Drinks in durable containers
    • No-spill and capped containers are encouraged.
  • Food items
    • Use care with greasy, sticky or crumbly foods that have a strong odor.

Not allowed

  • Illicit drugs or alcoholic beverages (in compliance with UPPS 05.03.03, consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed except for events for which special permission has been secured)
  • Tobacco and tobacco products (including vaping) (in compliance with UPPS 04.05.02)
  • Food preparation appliances
  • No food or drink is allowed at computer equipment or in certain areas, such as The Wittliff Collections Reading Room

All tobacco products are prohibited in the library and on the Texas State University campus. See Texas State UPPS No. 04.05.02 for more information.