Strategic Plan 2023-2029

  • Mission, Vision & Values

    • University Libraries advance the mission of Texas State University through enrichment of teaching, learning, and the research lifecycle. We empower our communities to learn, create, and discover with our learner-centered services and spaces, access to scholarly resources, unique collections, staff expertise, multi-literacy instruction, and digital scholarship initiatives.

    • Eliminate barriers to access and inspire ingenuity by amplifying scholarly research through intentional collaborations with local and global communities.

    • Innovation

      We promote ingenuity, experimentation, and exploration of visionary ideas that embody the diverse perspectives of our staff, our campus, and our communities.


      We embrace data-driven ambitions, responsible stewardship, and perpetually evolving proficiencies that lead to helpful and meaningful contributions to our university and the research and learning ecosystems.


      We cultivate an atmosphere of respect and belonging through inviting spaces, resources, and rich programming. We deliver excellent customer service while recognizing and nourishing our community by providing and creating opportunities for everyone to engage.


      We promote collaboration and invest in partnerships that correlate our resources, services, and stakeholders to foster discovery and intellectual pursuits. Our efforts advance the impact of education and research to facilitate academic and professional success.


      We embrace the principles of excellence, honesty, accuracy, reliability, compassion, and transparency in all that we do.

  • Strategic Imperatives

    • Empower student success by enhancing the student experience to increase sense of belonging and career readiness through dynamic co-curricular programming.

    • Propel the university's research endeavors by increasing the visibility of research and creative works, expanding our digital presence, and shared innovation to increase scholarly impact.

    • Lead the advancement of digital scholarship and research by embracing innovative technologies and methodologies, providing access to digital resources, and empowering scholars to explore novel digital avenues for academic inquiry.

    • Fuel our organization's growth by fostering a culture of proactive employee engagement, continuous learning, and open communication, while aligning our initiatives with broader institutional priorities for greater effectiveness and excellence.