Faculty Liaisons and Subject Librarians

The purpose of the Liaison Program is to generate dialogue between the library and academic departments in order to enhance the library's understanding of user needs and to promote the library's services and resources. Learn more about the program.

Accounting Business Administration Dr. Linda Campbell 512.245.3182 Charles Allan 512.245.3946
Aerospace Studies Applied Arts Ms. Erin Magee 512.245.2182 Paivi Rentz 512.245.8877
Agricultural Sciences Applied Arts Dr. Xiangping Liu 512.245.2130 TBD 512.245.xxxx
Anthropology Liberal Arts Dr. Heather Smith 512.245.8272 Tara Spies Smith 512.245.1636
Art & Design Fine Arts & Communication Dr. Gina Tarver 512.245.2611 Tara Spies Smith 512.245.3004
Biology Science & Engineering Dr. David Lemke 512.245.3364 TBD 512.245.xxxx
Chemistry & Biochemistry Science & Engineering Dr. Shiva Rastogi 512.245.3632 Paivi Rentz 512.245.8877
CIS & Quantitative Methods Business Administration Dr. Garry White 512.245.9103 Charles Allan 512.245.3182
Clinical Laboratory Science Health Professions Ms. Joanna Ellis 512.245.8244 Amanda Price 512.245.2643
Communication Disorders Health Professions Ms. Jessica Bowers 512.716.2697 Anthony Guardado 512.716.4701
Communication Studies Fine Arts & Communication Dr. Cassandra LeClair 512.245.2165 Tara Spies Smith 512.245.1636
Computer Science Science & Engineering Dr. Xiao Chen 512.245.3873 Paivi Rentz 512.245.8877
Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education, and Psychology Education Dr. Sarah Blalock 512.245.1624 Arlene Salazar 512.245.3844
Criminal Justice Applied Arts H. Jaymi Elsass 512.245.3332 Lisa Ancelet 512.245.3893
Curriculum & Instruction Education Dr. Carol Delaney 512.245.2044 Arlene Salazar 512.245.3844
Engineering Science & Engineering Dr. Yihong (Maggie) Chen 512.245.4158 TBD 512.245.xxxx
Engineering Technology Science & Engineering Dr. Yoo Jae Kim 512.245.2137 Sarah Naper 512.245.3895
English Liberal Arts Dr. Suparno Banerjee 512.245.3714 Jess Williams 512.245.3778
Family and Consumer Sciences Applied Arts Dr. Yishan Shen 512.245.6739 Charles Allan 512.245.3946
Finance and Economics Business Administration Dr. Yifan Liu 512.245.3310 Charles Allan 512.245.3946
Geography Liberal Arts Dr. Richard Dixon 512.245.7436 TBD 512.245.xxxx
Health Administratiion Health Professions Dr. Ram Shanmugam 512.245.9772 Lynn Bostwick 512.716.4705
Health and Human Performance Education Ms. Larissa Silguero 512.245.6846 Arlene Salazar 512.245.3844
Health Information Management Health Professions Dr. Barbara Hewitt 512.245.3502 Lynn Bostwick 512.716.4705
History Liberal Arts Dr. Louie Valencia 512.245.2142 Margaret Vaverek 512.245.2352
Journalism and Mass Communication Fine Arts & Communication Dr. David Nolan 512.245.5693 Lisa Cruces 512.245.3695
Management Business Administration Dr. Maggie Wan 512.245.2571 Charles Allan 512.245.3946
Marketing Business Administration Dr. Holly Syrdal 512.245.7428 Charles Allan 512.245.3946
Materials Science, Engineering and Commercialization Science & Engineering Dr. Wilhelmus Geerts 512.245.1821 Charles Allan 512.245.3946
Mathematics Science & Engineering Dr. Julio G. Dix 512.245.3441 Arlene Salazar (instruction), Scott Pope (collections) 512.245.3844 (Arlene) 8737 (Pope)
Military Science Applied Arts CPT Robert Harrison 512.245.3232 Paivi Rentz 512.245.8877
Music Fine Arts & Communication Mr. Mark Blair 512.245.9661 Mr. Mark Blair 512.245.9661
Nursing Health Professions Dr. Marla Erbin-Roesmann 512.716.2929 Anthony Guardado 512.716.4701
Organization, Workforces & Leadership Studies Health Professions Dr. Cathy Cherrstrom 512.245.1746 Arlene Salazar 512.245.3844
Philosophy Liberal Arts Dr. Vincent Luizzi 512.245.2285 Lisa Ancelet 512.245.3893
Physical Therapy Health Professions Dr. Debra McDowell 512.716.2657 Lynn Bostwick 512.716.4705
Physics Science & Engineering Dr. Andrea Banzatti 512.245.2131 Scott Pope 512.245.8737
Political Science Liberal Arts Dr. Kenneth Ward 512.245.2068 Margaret Vaverek 512.245.2352
Psychology Liberal Arts Dr. Alessandro Stevens De Nadai 512.245.1348 Tricia Boucher 512.245.2685
Radiation Therapy Health Professions Dr. Reynaldo Lozano 512.245.1345 Wendy Thompson 512.716.4706
Respiratory Care Health Professions Dr. Chris Russian 512.716.2697 Wendy Thompson 512.716.4706
Round Rock Campus n/a Anthony Guardado 512.716.4701 Anthony Guardado 512.716.4701
Social Work Applied Arts Dr. Heather Gough 512.245.2592 Arlene Salazar 512.245.3844
Sociology Liberal Arts Dr. Joseph Kotarba 512.245.8905 Lisa Ancelet 512.245.3893
Theatre & Dance Fine Arts & Communication Dr. Laura Lane 512.245.3041 Stephanie Towery 512.245.1090
World Languages & Literatures Liberal Arts Dr. Catherine Jaffe 512.245.2492 Margaret Vaverek 512.245.2352