openTXST Grant


The openTXST grant offered by University Libraries is an opportunity for faculty and staff to apply for support transforming their projects or courses into experiences based on open educational resources (OER).  Additional consideration will be given to projects or courses that incorporate the following components: 

  • Open Pedagogy - Open Pedagogy gives students agency to direct their own learning, and empowers them to engage with the academic, civil, and digital world by sharing what they've learned in new and creative ways  
  • Alignment with student success initiatives  
  • Highlighting unique opportunities at Texas State 



The openTXST grant will open mid-February and close mid-April each spring. After the review period is complete, recipients will be contacted in late April. The grant support period is a total of 9 months, formally starting at the beginning of May and concluding at the end of December of the same year.  

Expectations of Applicants

Applicants must complete all fields of the application for it to be considered by the review team. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

Applicants to this Grant understand that: *
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Those selected as Grant Recipients are:
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Contact Information

Project Preparation

Project Focus
Finding Open Resources for your course
Finding and Remixing Open Resources for your course
Creating Open Resources for your course
Textbook, Ancillary Sources, Framework, Ongoing Project, etc.
i.e., is your project addressing a need that is currently unfulfilled
Support from department leadership
Have you searched for possible open materials for your course on your own?
Have you requested support from a librarian to help find open materials for your course?

Course Information

Current Course Materials Information

Homework Systems, Courseware, Software, Lab Manuals, Calculators, etc.

Open Intent

Central, Secondary
Please provide link to the material you intend adapt or adopt
This can include access to the resource, as well as technology constraints, time constraints, etc.
Increased student success, increased student engagement, student generated learning objects, etc.


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