Open Education

Open Education is an aspect of Open Scholarship that supports student-centered instruction - utilizing tools, resources, and practices that are open (free from monetary, legal, and other limitations) to bridge the gaps of access, equity, and representation. This is done through the use of Open Educational Resources and the practice of Open pedagogy.  

Customize your resources and reduce barriers for students by creating, adapting, or adopting Open Educational Resources (OER). 

Engage students by transforming assignments to have value beyond the classroom with Open Pedagogy (OP). 

Transform your Course with Open Education

Open Syllabus Review

An open syllabus review is an opportunity for faculty to partner with the Open Education Team to find opportunities to integrate Open Pedagogy & Open Educational Resources into their course. Please add the relevant information to the generated email and attach your syllabus. Emails without attachments will not be considered.

View of Alkek from LBJ Student Center

Get Involved 

The Open Education Committee offers flexible involvement tiers – from subcommittee work to roles focused on information dissemination. The larger Committee meets twice a semester, once at the beginning and once at the end, with subgroups meeting as necessary to progress their work.