Micro-Credentialing Program

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Alkek One's Micro-credentialing Program fosters connections between the physical technology spaces from the first floor of the Alkek Library and the skills you can obtain that will supplement your academic achievements setting you up for success in the workforce.

We've launched a new program in partnership with NASA and the LBJ Institute for STEM Education and Research where students, faculty , and staff can participate in a workshop series, create a project, and earn a micro-credential that can be added to their to their résumé or portfolio.

Through the micro-credentialing program, students will learn foundational concepts and gain skills that will enable them to innovate using digital tools and technologies. Program participants can earn badges that recognize their technology competencies and build a portfolio of micro-credentials and creative projects that they can share with potential employers to demonstrate their expertise, creativity and ingenuity. 

Intro to Podcasting


The series will focus on how to create a podcast episode using Audacity. Students will learn credible research skills, effective storytelling and interviewing skills, recording techniques, along with audio editing basics. This is a four-day workshop. You will be required to attend all four sessions in order to earn the micro-credential badge.

Students in YouStar Audio Studio
3D-looking image with text: Made withy Unity

Game Development with Unity


This 12-session workshop series will give an overview of the Unity Realtime Development Platform. Students will learn how to use the platform and other software to create a video game from scratch. Students will also learn about the game development process and come out of this course with a working game demo and experience of the game dev pipeline. Attendance at all 12 sessions is required. Students can earn multiple NASA-issued micro-credentials (digital badges) for completing the work associated with this series.
Topics include:

  • Introduction to the Unity Platform IDE
  • Introduction to C# scripting
  • Models, Textures and Multimedia
  • Visual UI, Art, Animation
  • Audio Development
  • Working with a Team
  • Game Development Pipeline Basics

This course is in-person only. Some exposure to programming is required in any language (IF statements, FOR loops, Arrays).

Blender 3D Bootcamp

A beginner friendly workshop creating a robotic arm using Blender 3D. Workshop is two hours for four days over two weeks. This NASA Badged workshop is introductory-level 3D modeling, unwrapping, rigging, and animation using Blender. NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio works closely with scientists to create visualizations, animations, and images that promote a greater understanding of Earth and Space Science research activities: https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov.

Robotic Arm
Student looking at 3D printed items

Design to Fabrication

Students will learn basic design principles and use them to fabricate a 3-Dimensional object. This process will step through the complete prototyping process from sketches, maquettes, translation into design software, and fabrication of a finished object in the Alkek MakerSpace. Students will have the opportunity to fabricate their product using a laser cutter, waterjet, or 3D printer. The class will meet twice a week for two weeks. YOU MUST ATTEND ALL 4 MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY MEETINGS. Upon completion of this workshop, you will receive a NASA-sponsored micro-credential badge in Canvas.

Discovering GIS

Register for this five-session workshop to learn the basics of GIS using the ArcGIS Pro software, the world’s most popular software for exploring, analyzing, editing, and sharing (via the internet) maps and GIS data. This workshop is open to all with no prior knowledge of GIS or those who would like to refresh their knowledge after a long break from using GIS.

Session Topics:
➢ Intro to GIS & Map Design
➢ Table Joins & Data Query
➢ Geocoding
➢ Spatial Statistics
➢ StoryMapping
You must attend and complete all five sessions to receive an Alkek One Micro-credential sponsored by NASA.

Students look at large globe
student working at sound board

Intro to Video and Audio Editing

Learn to edit video and audio, including: making cuts, generating graphics, replacing a green screen, and enhancing audio quality in Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro. No experience required for this immersive five day workshop! The class will meet twice a week for two weeks. There is a 5th day set aside for office hours to meet with the instructor if needed. You must attend all four Monday and Wednesday meetings. Upon completion of this workshop, you will receive a micro-credential badge in Canvas.

Unity XR Development

This seven session workshop will give an overview of the Unity Realtime Development Platform. Students will learn how to use the platform to create desktop and mobile applications for virtual reality, augmented reality and console applications. Attendance at all seven sessions is required. Students can earn a total of three NASA-sponsored digital badges for this workshop.

Topics include:
Introduction to the Unity Platform IDE
Introduction to C# scripting
Models, Textures and Multimedia
Virtual Reality Basics
Interactive Multi-Media Overview

Sessions for this workshop are currently full. Check back for future offerings.

Students with VR headsets and paddles