Conference Halls A & B

Our fourth-floor conference halls are for special events and workshops and can be reserved by Texas State faculty and staff. Depending on use requirements, there may be a charge for some services related to the use of this space.

Location: Alkek Library 4th Floor

Rooms: 441 and 442

Capacity:  441 up to 36, 442 up to 48, combined 441 & 442 up to 84

Reservable: Reservations for the Alkek Library Conference Halls may be requested through the library's room reservation system by Texas State faculty or staff. Select Add New Request and fill out the online form to request the conference halls. After submitting your request, room availability and reservation will be confirmed by email. All requests are subject to approval. 

The conference halls are multi-purpose meeting facilities appropriate for workshops, training sessions, events or meetings but are not for student organizations or classroom instruction. There may be charges for room use if certain services are needed. Please review our Reservation Policy web page to learn more about requirements for room use.


  • Adjustable room setup options with seminar tables and chairs
  • Zoom meeting setup
  • Each room has a large projection screen
  • Speaker's podium
  • Lapel and handheld mics for voice amplification
  • Kitchen includes a refrigerator, oven, stove, microwave and sink

This fourth-floor space is intended for events that require a large or medium-sized conference-style reservation space. The rooms are divided by a movable partition giving the space the added flexibility to be reserved as one large space or as a comfortable smaller space. There is a kitchen available to serve the space for events where food will be served. Please note: this is not a classroom instruction space. Conference Halls A & B offer campus faculty and staff a place for workshops, training, seminars and other conference-style events. Conference Hall A (rm 441) has access to the kitchen and can accommodate up to 36 event participants. Conference Hall B (rm 442) can hold up to 48. When the partition between the rooms is opened, Conference Halls A & B can hold up to 84.