Alkek Displays

Alkek Exhibits/Displays

Exhibit space and display walls and cases in the Alkek Library are made available for visual presentation of topical material on a per request basis. Typical duration of standard exhibit/displays would 4 to 6 weeks. 

Display locations: 

  • Currently, the display cases and display space between the elevators and the grand staircase on the fourth floor of the Alkek Library is available to campus organizations for standard exhibit/displays. 
  • The Alkek One Student Gallery found in the Alkek Library's first floor lobby area presents student-generated, themed displays as part of a competitive call for entries.
image of glass display case


  • Reservations are not confirmed until accepted by library staff.  Confirmation email will be sent at least five (5) business days prior to the proposed date.
  • Do not announce or publicize any display/exhibit until an official confirmation has been received.
  • Organizations/Persons that reserve the space are responsible for all costs associated with any damage to the display/exhibit cases during its use, as determined by University Libraries.
  • Exhibits/displays typically may be exhibited for up to six weeks.
  • At the end of a display period, the Exhibit/Display cases must be left clean. 
  • When the topic is of a sensitive or controversial nature, an objective presentation is required.
  • Exhibit/Displays may not promote partisan political, religious or social doctrines.
  • Exhibit/Display may not promote the financial profit of any individual, organization or commercial enterprise.
  • The Library is not responsible for personal items left unattended or not collected after the display has been cleared.
  • Selling, fundraising, or solicitation is strictly prohibited without formal authorization.
  • Must satisfy public safety considerations,e.g free standing displays.
  • Exhibitor must agree to proposal guidelines included in submission form.
  • If the individual or team creating a display is unable to setup the exhibit as scheduled, they must cancel the exhibit, they should contact Debbie Pitts,
  • If the exhibit is not removed within the allotted time period, University Libraries will remove the item of the exhibit at the exhibitors' risk.

Standard Exhibit/Display

We have options for creating a standard exhibit/displays. Display spaces are made available throughout the year.

Alkek One Student Gallery

The Alkek One student gallery is a competitive space made available at certain times of the year.