Graduate Commons

Image of the graduate commons

What's in this space?

The Graduate Commons is a new space in the library that is open only to graduate students. Located in Alkek 310, the space includes a large flexible room that will have lounge and open study areas, two reservable study rooms and a kitchen. There are 25 lockers for graduate students located in the kitchen area of the Graduate Commons. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis and can be reserved for the semester at the 3rd floor Checkout Desk with a valid student ID.

Graduate students can enter the commons by swiping in with their student IDs. If the card swipe does not work for you, someone at the third floor Checkout Desk can assist you in getting into the room and make sure you are added to the list of graduate students with card access.

The Graduate Commons is open whenever the library is open and you are welcome to use the open area and the kitchen area. Please be sure to clean up after yourselves. The library is not responsible for food or other items left in the kitchen refrigerator or on the shelves. Once a month, the refrigerator will be cleaned and any food items inside will be thrown away. Due to social distancing requirements, no more than one person may be in the kitchen at a time.

In addition, the Graduate College will periodically hold workshops and events in the 310 open area which graduate students may wish to attend. When the large room is in use, the two study rooms, 310A and 310D will be available for student use, but not for reservations. Please consult the Graduate College Event Calendar for event listings.

Process for reserving graduate study rooms

You can make online reservations for up to two hours per day by clicking on the ACCESS EMS RESERVATION SYSTEM button found at You can also make onsite reservations from the tablets outside the rooms from your mobile device. Touch the green Book Now button and scan the QR code from your mobile device to access the online room reservation system.

The study rooms are intended for use by graduate students to study or work on projects. These rooms are not to be used for grad assistant office hours or instructional support.