Research Data Management

Research Data Services supports university faculty, students and staff across all disciplines in the management of research data.

Our Services

Quick Start From Plan to Publish

Research Data Management refers to the storage, access and preservation of data produced from a given investigation. RDM practices cover the entire lifecycle of the data, from planning the investigation to conducting it, and from backing up data as it is created and used to long term preservation after the research investigation has concluded. Good data management helps you: meet requirements set by funding agencies and publishers; ensure that your data is complete, documented, and accessible; encourage the discovery and reuse of data to further discoveries; raise the profile and recognition of your research, and receive credit for your data and increase its impact and visibility

In-depth Services

We work with partners across the university to connect researchers with the appropriate tools, resources, and expertise for dealing with data at every stage, from the earliest planning phase, through dissemination and archiving. Our aim is to raise awareness of good practice and services that may help university researchers save time, safeguard their data and maximize the impact of their research.

The Research Data Services team can give in-depth guidance on DMP and help you develop and apply strategies for organizing and curating data through all phases of the research lifecycle. We can also help you identify tools and resources that facilitate effective research data management (RDM).