Course Support

Course Guides

Subject Librarians make customized online research course guides for your students that are tailored to your class and/or assignments.

Subject Librarians can add course guides they make to your Canvas sites when you add them as a participant in the role of university librarian.

With the Library Guide LTI, faculty can also activate the research course guide within Canvas by ensuring it is in activated tools section under Settings. 


screenshot of a 2381 Sculpture Class course guide

Course Reserves

Reserve Materials

Reserve materials are items assigned a restrictive loan period to assure greater availability to students who have need of them, usually within a limited time period. Faculty, librarians, or administrators may place materials on reserve in order to control or protect vulnerable materials and those in consistently heavy use.

Online Reserve Request Form for Print Materials
PDF Version of Reserve Request Form

Contact Reserve Services

Vanessa Garcia: or (512) 245-1602

See more information about copyright and reserves policies and instructions.

For Round Rock Campus Library Reserve services, visit the RRC Services page.


Subject Librarians make video tutorials to support you and your students' research needs. Video tutorials cover how to use subject specific databases, basic library research skills, publishing resources, and more.


Learn tools and techniques to make your research more efficient and enjoyable. Workshop sessions are 50 minutes with hands-on practice. Workshops cover topics such as citation management tools, GIS, data publishing, statistics, image use and copyright, and more.