Print Refunds

If you would like to initiate a print refund on a specific print job you can do so through your Send&Print account page.

Please review our print refund policy below. You must provide a reason for requesting a refund on every job you wish to be reviewed. Note: Not all requests will result in a refund.

What we DO issue print refunds for:What we DO NOT issue print refunds for:
  • Printouts of poor quality due to printer malfunctions
  • Printouts for which you are charged, but which do not print
  • Printouts of poor resolution due to file quality
  • Problems due to misinformation from faculty or instructors (i.e. telling students incorrect information
  • Problems due to patron error
  • Problems due to misconfigured printing options (i.e. grayscale box checked on color printouts)
  • Print jobs that are older than 3 business days at the time of the refund request

To submit a print refund:

1. Log in to Send&Print and click Recent Print Jobs on the menu on the left side of the page.

2. Click Request Refund located in the Status column. (Note: If you do not see your print job in the Recent Print Jobs list, you were not charged.)

3. Complete the Refund Request form that pops up, Reason for Request is required.

4. Submit your Refund Request.

A system administrator will review your request. You will be notified via email when the request is resolved. You may also check your Recent Print Jobs page to see the status of your refund request at any time.