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University Libraries provides printing in the Alkek Library, in our TechSpots, and at new kiosks popping up across the San Marcos campus. Each student gets $25 of print credits each semester. Upload your documents using Send&Print from any device, anywhere. Pick up your print job from any Send&Print printer on campus.

Alkek 2nd Floor

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  • Visit our Web Printing support page or call 512-245-2106.

  • San Marcos Campus Black&White Color
    Alkek Library - 2nd Floor X X
    Alkek Library - 1st, 4th, 5th, & 6th Floors X  
    TechSpot: ASBS 201 X  
    TechSpot: McCoy 338 X  
    TechSpot: FCS 140 X  
    TechSpot: Jowers 201 X  
    LBJ Student Center - 2nd and 3rd Floors X  
    Music Building - Music Library X  
    Student Rec Center - Near Entrance X  
    Ingram Hall - 3rd Floor X  
    Flowers Hall - 1st Floor X  
    Evans-Liberal Arts - 1st Floor near Auditorium X  
    Undergraduate Academic Center - 1st Floor X  
    Hines Academic Center - 2nd Floor X  


    Round Rock Campus Black&White Color
    Avery 255 (library) X X
    Avery 303 X X
    Avery 305 X  
    School of Nursing 125 X X
    Willow 210 X X
  • Every fall, spring, and summer semester each students print balance will be recharged to $25, this balance is non-transferable. Printing costs per page are listed in the table below. Additional print credits can be purchased online as needed.

    Paper Size B&W Color
    Letter 1-sided: 1 cent 1-sided: 35 cents
      2-sided: 2 cents  
    Legal 1-sided: 3 cents 1-sided: 44 cents
      2-sided: 6 cents  



  • Yes, you can submit a request to refund your print job if the printer did not print your job correctly or simply did not print. Our print refund page will walk you through this process.

  • Send&Print is monitored at all times and automatically sends updates to administrators. If you notice a problem with Send&Print or a printer not working properly, feel free to call the Alkek desk at 512-245-2106. Note that Send&Print connects with all of our printers across campus, you can always go to a different printer if the one you are at is not working!

  • Send&Print will hold your job for 12 hours to print. After that, the print job will be automatically deleted from the system.

  • Yes, there are accessibility attachments at all Send&Print locations.

  • University Libraries discourages patrons from printing materials that contain sensitive data such as social security numbers or other personal identification information.