Open Computer Workstations

There are more than 250 computer workstations in the Alkek Library that are available for patron use on a first-come, first-served basis. More than 130 PC workstations can be found on the main floor (2nd) along with six Mac computers. There is a computer lab on the sixth floor with 28 additional computers and there are new classroom and instruction areas that are equipped with computer workstations. There are 35 computers in both room 440 and room 452 and 17 additional computers in the Geospatial Lab on the 5th floor that can be used as long as there is no instruction happening in these areas.

New instruction classrooms for the fourth floor provide additional workstations for patrons when there is not a class in session. Rooms 440 and 452 will have signs that indicate the class schedule. Please be sure to check to see when a class will be using the space before you get too comfortable. Patrons will be asked to clear the room when a class is moving in.

In addition, University Libraries operates several Open Computer Labs at various locations on campus that are open to all students regardless of their academic discipline.

Image of an open computer lab in Alkek library