Open Computers and TechSpots

There are computer workstations available for use by students, faculty and staff on both the Round Rock and San Marcos campuses in the libraries and other campus buildings. These workstations are equipped with a variety of software to support most academic needs.


In San Marcos, there are four TechSpots (formerly called Open Computer Labs) located across campus to make it convenient to find an open computer. They are located in the Family Computer Sciences building (FCS 140), Jowers Hall (Jowers 201), McCoy Hall (McCoy 338) and the Academic Services Building South (ASBS 201). These TechSpots are managed by University Libraries and are open to all students and faculty. Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art open computer environments for students in support of faculty instruction. TechSpots have Send&Print printers and our newly remodeled TechSpot in ASB South also has reservable group study rooms and a quiet study space. We are planning to remodel the other three TechSpots soon, bringing the library to you!  

Find information about locations, available software and specialized workstations by clicking on the tabs below. 

Faculty and staff can make special software requests by filling out an online form. Login required.


    Computers & TechSpots Windows Stations Mac Stations Printer B&W Printer Color Special Stations Phone
    ASB South TechSpot  Rm 201 54 0 2 0   512.245.8055
    Family Consumer Science TechSpot Rm 140 24 0 2 0   512.245.5561
    Jowers TechSpot Rm 201 32 10 3 0   512.245.4897
    McCoy TechSpot Rm 338 73 0 5 0   512.245.3760




  • All labs located in Alkek Library will follow current library operating hours. Please be aware that hours change during the summer and certain holidays.

    Normal Fall/Spring Hours

    TechSpot Sunday Monday - Thursday Friday Saturday
    ASBS 201 Closed 7:30am - 10pm 7:30am - 6pm Closed
    FCS 140 Noon - 6pm 7:30am - 10 pm 7:30am - 6pm Closed
    Jowers 201 Closed 7:30am - 10 pm

    7:30am - 5pm


    McCoy 338

     Noon - 6pm

    7:30am - 10 pm 7:30am - 6pm


    Normal Summer Hours

    LAB Sunday Monday - Thursday Friday Saturday
    ASBS 201 Noon - 6pm 8am - 10pm 8am - 5pm Closed
    FCS 140 Noon - 6pm 7:30am - 9pm 7:30am - 5pm


    Jowers 201 Closed 7:30am - 6pm 7:30am - 5pm


    McCoy 338 Noon - 6pm 7:30am - 10pm 7:30am - 5pm



  • Location Windows Stations Mac Stations Printer B&W Printer Color Special Stations Phone
     Floor 1 (behind stairs) 12 0 0 0 0  
     Floor 2 132 0 10 2 Assistive Technology 512.245.2106
     Floor 4 (Rm 452) 36 0 0 0    
     Floor 4 (Rm 440) 38 0 0 0    
     Floor 6 15 0 2 0    
  • Computer Lab Windows Stations Mac Stations Printer B&W Printer Color Special Stations Phone
    Avery 255 (library) 38 0 1 1 1 B&W copier 512.716.4700
    Avery 303 17 2 0 1 1 color laser copier  
    Avery 305 16 2 1 0 1 B&W copier  


  • Software TitleVersionWinMacLocation
    Adobe Acrobat DC x  
    Adobe CC Suite xx 
    Adobe Reader DC x  
    AlertUs xx 
    ArcGIS Prov3.1x Geospace Lab, 6th Floor Lab
    AutoCad2024x FCS TechSpot
    AutoDesk 3DS Max2024x FCS TechSpot
    Code Blocks: IDE20.03x  
    Erdas Image2020 16.6x Geospace Lab
    JMP Prov15x  
    Mendeley Desktop1.19.4x  
    Microsoft Office xx 
    Microsoft PowerBI2.116x  
    Microsoft Project x  
    Microsoft Visio x  
    Microsoft Visual Studio Community x  
    R for Windows4.0.2x  
    SPSS Statistics28xx 
    Zoom Text xxAlkek Library, ASB TechSpot, Avery 225, 303, 305


  • Faculty and staff can make special software requests by filling out an online form. Log-in required.

  • TechSpot Policies

      • Patrons are required to wear masks and stay six feet away from others in computer labs
      • Do not move furniture or use computers that do not have a chair assigned to them.
      • Patrons must show their valid Texas State University ID card upon request.
      • Only spill proof drink containers are allowed. All other drink containers are prohibited.
      • Patrons should respect the privacy of others work, user files, disks, and passwords.
      • Labs are a resource for quiet study and noise should be kept to a minimum.
      • Abusive language or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
      • Cell phones must be muted or turned off.
      • Patrons should step outside the lab to place or receive calls.
      • Lab Staff are not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced items. Found items will be turned in to UPD.
      • Pets are not allowed in the labs.
      • Lab phones are for lab staff.
      • Only official lab signage and messages may be posted in labs.
      • Patrons may not copy software, manuals, or other materials for any reason without the express written approval of the originating source. No exceptions can be made.

      • In order to preserve a stable computing environment, outside software will not be installed on lab computers.

      • Faculty and staff can request software by filling out an Open Computer Labs Software Request Form

      • Patrons may only utilize one computer at a time.

      • Patrons' data files should be kept on their own storage device or networked storage area. Files saved to the lab computers will be removed without warning.

      • The university does not assume responsibility for unauthorized access or damage to data on lab systems.

      • Patrons are encouraged to back-up data files for their own protection.

      • Use of laptop computers is accepted in standalone (non-networked) mode; however, individuals should contact the ITAC Help Desk for any assistance with their laptop.

      • Documents printed on lab printers are limited to 50 pages. Large jobs can be sent in batches. Lab Staff must approve the use of any outside paper.

      • Patrons should not leave their computer unattended, after 15 minutes of inactivity they will automatically be logged off.

    • Violators of the lab policies may be asked to leave the lab facility. Violation or continued violation may result in the suspension of lab privileges.

      Student Lab Assistants are responsible for the security of the Computer Labs and the enforcement of lab rules and policies, not the creation of the policies outlined here. If questions or concerns arise, please email a Lab Manager.

  • Know before you go!  Find out how many work stations are currently available in each lab by clicking the Current Lab Status button. 

Software List
Adobe Acrobat DC
Adobe Reader DC
Adobe CC Suite
ArcGIS Pro 2.9
Code Blocks: IDE
Mendeley Desktop
Microsoft Office
R for Windows
SPSS Statistics v27
Microsoft Visual Studio Community