The new Send&Print system is now live for the San Marcos and Round Rock campuses! 

San Marcos and RRC campus Login

University Libraries provides printing in the Alkek Library, our four TechSpots, the RRC campus and at new kiosks popping up across the San Marcos campus. Upload your documents using Send&Print from any device, anywhere. Pick up your print job from any Send&Print printer on campus.

More About Send&Print

  • Here is a walkthrough of submitting a print job on Send&Print on the web. If you need additional assistance using Send&Print, please call the Alkek Library Ask Desk located on the 2nd floor at 512-245-2686.

    1. Log in to Send&Print and click Web Print on the menu on the left side of the page.

    2. Click Submit a Job to start the Web Print wizard.

    3. Select Your Printer. Choose between black and white or color printing (in Alkek only) and single or double sided. This will pre-configure all document finishing options.

    4. Input the number of copies. After selecting your printer, input the number of copies of your document you want.

    5. Upload your Document. Drag and drop your file in the box or press the Upload from Computer button. After you have selected the file press the Upload&Complete button.

    6. Jobs successfully uploaded will display in a list with a green status of "Held in a queue." You can also see a list of all jobs you have uploaded by pressing the Jobs Pending Release button on the left side of the page.

  • Send&Print submitted job restrictions are as follow:

    • Send&Print only allows print jobs under 100 pages (50 2-sided pages).
    • Send&Print only accepts print jobs that use letter or legal sized paper.
    • Send&Print only accepts certain file types:  .pdf, .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, and image files.

    Please note that Send&Print will hold your job for 12 hours after submitted for release at one of our print kiosks. After 12 hours, the job will be deleted from the system and you will need to re-submit your job for printing.


  • If you want change any custom print settings, (i.e. printing multiple slides per page on a PowerPoint slideshow) you must print from one of our computers in Alkek Library or a TechSpot.

    Printing via the web is only a document submission portal and does not allow for custom print settings.

  • Send&Print kiosks are located across the San Marcos and Round Rock campuses. Refer to the table below to find your nearest Send&Print kiosk!

    San Marcos CampusBlack&WhiteColor
    Alkek Library - 2nd FloorXX
    Alkek Library - 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th FloorsX 
    TechSpot: ASBS 201X 
    TechSpot: McCoy 338X 
    TechSpot: FCS 140X 
    TechSpot: Jowers 201X 
    LBJ Student Center - 2nd and 3rd FloorsX 
    Music Building - Music LibraryX 
    Student Rec Center - Near EntranceX 
    Ingram Hall - 3rd FloorX 
    Flowers Hall - 1st FloorX 
    Evans-Liberal Arts - 1st Floor near AuditoriumX 
    Undergraduate Academic Center - 1st FloorX 
    Hines Academic Center - 2nd FloorX 
    Old Main - 1st FloorX 
    Roy F. Mitte Building - 5th FloorX 
    PACE Center (UAC) - LobbyX 
    Comal Building - 1st FloorX 


    Round Rock CampusBlack&WhiteColor
    Avery 255 (library)XX
    Avery 303XX
    Avery 305X 
    School of Nursing 125XX
    Willow 210XX
  • Every fall, spring, and summer semester each students print balance will be recharged to $25, this balance is non-transferable. Printing costs per page are listed in the table below. Additional print credits can be purchased online as needed.

    Paper Size B&W Color
    Letter 1-sided: 1 cent 1-sided: 35 cents
      2-sided: 2 cents  
    Legal 1-sided: 3 cents 1-sided: 44 cents
      2-sided: 6 cents  



  • If you would like to initiate a print refund on a specific print job you can do so through your Send&Print account page.

    Please review our print refund policy below. You must provide a reason for requesting a refund on every job you wish to be reviewed. Note: Not all requests will result in a refund.

    What we DO issue print refunds for:What we DO NOT issue print refunds for:
    • Printouts of poor quality due to printer malfunctions
    • Printouts for which you are charged, but which do not print
    • Printouts of poor resolution due to file quality
    • Problems due to misinformation from faculty or instructors (i.e. telling students incorrect information
    • Problems due to patron error
    • Problems due to misconfigured printing options (i.e. grayscale box checked on color printouts)
    • Print jobs that are older than 3 business days at the time of the refund request

    To submit a print refund:

    1. Log in to Send&Print and click Recent Print Jobs on the menu on the left side of the page.

    2. Click Request Refund located in the Status column. (Note: If you do not see your print job in the Recent Print Jobs list, you were not charged.)

    3. Complete the Refund Request form that pops up, Reason for Request is required.

    4. Submit your Refund Request.

    A system administrator will review your request. You will be notified via email when the request is resolved. You may also check your Recent Print Jobs page to see the status of your refund request at any time.

  • Yes, there are accessibility attachments on at least one printer at every Send&Print location. If you need additional assistance, please visit the Ask Desk on the 2nd floor of Alkek Library and an employee will assist you with your printing needs.

  • Send&Print is monitored at all times and automatically sends updates to administrators. If you notice a problem with Send&Print or a printer not working properly, feel free to call the Alkek desk at 512-245-2686. Note that Send&Print connects with all of our printers across campus, you can always go to a different printer if the one you are at is not working!

  • University Libraries discourages patrons from printing materials that contain sensitive data such as social security numbers or other personal identification information.